Mindful Eating – An Experiment

I have just done an exercise in Mindful Eating as prescribed by #headspace
I sequestered myself in the boardroom at work. I brought my lunch and water bottle with me and NOTHING ELSE. I ate slowly. I had no phone, music, reading material or any other distraction. I was able to fully engage with my food and the experience of eating.
Here is what happened:
*It felt a little odd, but not “lonely or boring” as I was expecting
*I tasted my food so much more than usual
*I enjoyed my food
*I experienced feelings of getting full BEFORE I had over eaten
*I came away from the meal feeling satisfied and with an awareness that I had refuelled my body (not just shovelled food into me)
I am going to make an effort to eat at least one meal a day in this way going forward. Go on, give it a try

4 thoughts on “Mindful Eating – An Experiment”

  1. This sounds wonderful! I love the headspace app and have been working my way through their mindful eating series. Glad you’re having success with it, too.

  2. I hear you. I always read while I eat. Sometimes I don’t even know WHAT I ate. I just keep reading. I can’t imagine NOT reading while I eat. What you said is true and I can only imagine what it would feel like not to be looking at a page, while at the table. I’ll try it but it already feels weird. LOLOLOLOL

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