Allow me to introduce myself.  I am an accountant by trade, part time blogger, Zumba instructor, nutrition coach and recreational athlete.  I am currently on a hiatus from accountancy and in the process of “finding myself.”  This blog has been a constant companion for the past 3 years, and I recently won the Best Health and Wellness Blog Award 2018.

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I am 37 years old, married and a doggy mommy to a beautiful German Shepherd called Annie.  I understand the challenges of trying to have it all without completely losing your shit.  My blog aims not to give advice or tell people what to do, but simply to share my observations and experiences.

Your comments are welcomed and your feedback is appreciated.


Arwen Louise xxx

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  1. I have a quick question. I am about to turn 55 this month and going through menopause with hormones bouncing off the walls. I am on meds after a recent drs visit and feeling much better. I’ve been putting on the pounds and recently started watching my calories. I stopped eating sweets, Coke, bread intake and exercising. I have lost 7 pounds in about 6 weeks time but have leveled off. I know it’s normal but I’m getting discouraged and wondering if counting carbs would be better than counting calories?

    1. Hi Laura, the short answer is that energy balance (calories) is the most important factor for weight loss. 7lbs in 6 weeks is a great result, so please don’t get discouraged. Carbs are not the enemy and some studies even suggest that a very low carb diet can negatively impact weight loss in some women. My advice would be to give it time, track everything you are doing and if you are still stalled in a few weeks, change things up a little. Make sure you keep your protein intake high and try to manage stress. Good luck

      1. Thank you so much. I will definitely keep going but it’s difficult to stay motivated with no progress lately. I look forward to your future posts.

    1. Hiya! I absolutely DO NOT mind at all. Thanks so much for the advice. I am a complete technophobe so appreciate any help I can get. I have followed the steps. Could I ask you to please check if it works now? Also added the contact information. Thanks again, Arwen.

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